Oz-Some Hoof Mud

What is it?

The Ozsome Hoof Mud is a clay-based product that can be applied to the bottom of the hoof to help with thrush.

What inspired you to create it?

Ozzy! Ozzy is my bubble wrap horse. We’ve all had one right?!

Several years ago we had been dealing with a lot of lameness issues which at the time we believed that thrush may have been a contributing factor. I had been following many DIY remedies in an effort to try to manage it as naturally as possible, as the antibiotic ointments were harder to source and not as effective over time.

One of the products that worked well was zinc oxide cream – diaper rash ointment. But if you’ve ever worked with that, it’s horrid to get off your hands.

I had been also using bentonite clay for personal use and came up with the idea to combine them to see if it would be better to work with.

In the end, yes, it’s still messy, but it’s definitely easier to clean up than traditional zinc oxide cream. And it won’t hurt us in the process – double bonus!

How will it help?

In my research, I’ve learned that bentonite clay is also used in ponds to help seal the bottom, which makes sense as to why it works so well once applied to help keep out the moisture.

It also has a drying effect which can help reduce the soreness that is caused by moisture.

It’s already muddy outside, won’t it just get washed away?

I thought the same thing when I first started using it. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that when I would clean the hoof the next day (or even a couple of days later), that you could still smell the aroma of the essential oils and see it still in the crevices.

Are there any other applications for it?

While I can’t say that it has other applications that it works well on, I can say that customers have also used it and reported back to me that it’s helped with: “Clyde” itch; skin sores; and has been helping to reduce the size of a sarcoid.